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        The Import Dept especially handles the import of machinery, electric machinery and instruments, as well as raw materials. It has imported a number of world advanced equip-ment & materials from Europe, America, Japan and other countries, such as power plant equipment, sewage treatment facilities, harbor machinery, medical treatment machinery, light industry machines, construction & engineering equipment, hardware & software of computers, automobiles and parts, bearings, steel products and chemicals.
        In a lot of years, The Import Dept has added to its business program a number of new import items like equipment & materials for buildings, including steel structures, glass partitions, lifts and air conditioners, etc.
        The import of all kinds of machinery handled by this department includes transport equipment, machine tools, harbor machinery, construction equipment, chemical equipment, food equipment and building equipment in which we are particularly strong for business. We are also specially capable of handing various kinds of civil vehicles, engineering vehicles, special vehicles, marine carriers and aviation carriers. We have significant advantage in such lines.
        The modes of business of The import Dept are based on the principle of offering service to facilitate user's work. It can act as agent for import deals or as a seller setting accounts in RMB directly with users, or handle imports in cooperation with users. This Dept will do its best to provide users with highly efficient and excellent service.

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