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        This department mainly handdles exports to African market for the sale of industrial and agricultural machines and equipment, production lines and factory complete plants suitable for markets in Africa.
Export Items:
        Medium and small scales production lines:Soft drinkproduction line,Food processing line, Woodworking production line, Wall tile production line, Plastics weaving production line and various kinds of packaging lines.
        Medium and small complete plants: Thermal, hydraulic and windmill power plants, Power transformer &  power transmission equipment, Air separating equipment, Paper production equipment, Textile machinery, Alcohol production equipment, Cement produc-tion equipment, Compound fertilizer production equipment, Urea production equipment, Calcium carbonate production equipment, etc.
        Mining machinery: Drilling equipment, Jaw crusher, Hammer crusher, Ball mill, Raymond roller mill, Quarry equipment, Marble processing equipment, etc.
        Agriculture machinery: Tractor, Oil press, Rice mill, Wheat flour mill, Starch proces-sing machine, Cotton processing equipment, Agricultural pumps, Petroleum / diesel electric generating set, Marine diesel engine, etc.
        Light & heavy equipment: Steel mill equipment, Steel rolling equipment, Oil refining equipment, Lighting apparatus and telecommunication equipment. 

Ring Roll Pulverizer
Oil Expeller
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